Periodic audits covering the above critical areas are vital due to the fact that many plants equipped with the latest state-of-the-art safety devices must be concerned with the functional items to maintain the integrity of their safety systems. It is recommended following the audit that a continuous program of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and videos be used covering key areas, experiences, safe handling techniques and safety practices. This gives current coverage of proper procedures and how to maintain a safe operation.

The areas that should be covered during and audit are:

1. Safe handling of flammable liquids, aerosol propellants and compressed gases;
2. Flammable aerosol propellants and compressed gases - basic characteristics and typical properties;
3. Safety in the propellant charging and pump rooms;
4. Safety in the laboratory;
5. Proper ventilation and gas detection;
6. Explosion suppression;
7. Compressors and pumps - high and low pressure;
8. Proper start-up, shut-down and operating procedures and documentation;
9. Hazardous material identification systems;
10. Fire extinguisher identification and proper handling techniques;
11. Proper cylinder use, storage and maintenance;
12. Equipment, parts and fittings for flammable liquids, aerosol propellants and compressed gases;
13. Piping and hoses;
14. Tanks and accessories;
15. Grounding and bonding;
16. Storage and warehousing of raw materials and finished goods safe handling and hazards;
17. Proper material handling equipment for storage and warehousing;
18. Emergency preparedness;
19. Handling of emergencies;
20. Complete review of propellant charging and pump rooms and tank farm safety systems;
21. Review of applicable regulatory and documentation requirements.


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